Soon after the death of a young Argentinian activist Santiago Maldonado on August 1st 2017, the Argentinian Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich made an unfounded accusation about Mapuche International Link (MIL). The Bristol-based organisation has been accused of funding the ‘Mapuche Ancestral Resistance’ (RAM). More information can be found here.

Atus Mariqueo-Russell, a member of Mapuche International Link was interviewed by Indigenous Radio Amsterdam on January 13th of 2018. In this interview he gives more information about the false accusations made by Bullrich and the effects that her words have had on MIL. Atus also talks about the Argentinian press and the intimidation experienced by members of MIL in the wake of her allegations. The interview concludes with a discussion of the recent election of Sebastián Piñera as the next president of Chile.

The full interview can be found here: