Mapuche Organisations

Coordinadora de hogares mapuche del sur
Official website of the Mapuche student movement -Temuco -Valdivia -Osorno. (Spanish)

Comunicaciones Mapuche Xeg Xeg
This website gives information on the current Mapuche situation and their culture.This has been produced by the “Corporación de Desarrollo y Comunicaciones Mapuche Xeg-Xeg”. (Spanish).

Kolectivo Toqui Lientur
Site developed by Mapuche university students, to support the movement for the autonomy and liberation of the Mapuche nation.(Spanish)

Le Royaume d’Araucanie et de Patagonie
Le Royaume a été fondé en 1860 par le indiens Mapuche dans le territoire occupé maintenant par les Républiques d’Argentine et du Chili. (French, English, German)

Mapuche Inter-regional Council
This website is the collective responsibility of the Mapuche Inter-regional Council and the Mapuche International Link. It contains documents and information about the current Mapuche situation and culture, and about other indigenous peoples of the Americas. (Spanish and English).

Net Mapu
This website is designed for people to obtain information on indigenous peoples and in particular the Mapuche; and provides an arena for people to spread and exchange ideas. (Spanish).

Proyecto de Documentación Ñuke Mapu
This website provides information on the current situation of the Mapuche people and their culture. The website coordinator is Dr. Jorge Calbucura, sociologist of the University of Uppsala, Sweden. (Spanish and English).

The Rehue Foundation
This website contains documents and information; with the “Press Section” providing daily information regarding the Mapuche situation. (English, Spanish and Dutch).

Reseau d’information et de soutien au people Mapuche
Mapuche solidarity group based in Paris, France. (French)

The Mapuche tokiUNiT Page
This site contains a photographic gallery as well as news and information about Mapuche culture. The site is maintained by Rafael Railaf. (Spanish and English)

Universidad Mapuche
A project supported by the National Indigneous Commission – Chile. (Spanish)