Public statement

Following the murder of Yordan Llempi, a member of Mapuche community of 23
years old, at the hands of the Chilean army on November 3, 2021, our organisations

1. We express our solidarity and support with the families of the victims of those
murdered, and with the Mapuche people in resistance.

2. We condemn the genocidal violence that the Chilean State and its repressive
apparatuses have exercised on the Mapuche people and their legitimate demands
for territorial sovereignty over their ancestral lands.

3. We condemn the actions of the Chilean army and the Chilean militarised police
force (Carabineros), who are directly responsible for the murder of one community
member. These recent murders are added to the tens of deaths committed during
the last years and the previous decades.

4. We call on the government of Chile to immediately end the military occupation of
the Mapuche territories and to put an end to the state of siege imposed by
President Piñera on the Mapuche lands (Araucanía).

5. We call on the UK Parliament, the British government, and the international
community to condemn and take actions against the Government of Chile in order
to protect the human rights of the population.

We call on sister organisations to unite in resistance and solidarity with the Mapuche
people, support their cause and advance in unity in the democratisation of the
country and in the construction of a plurinational state that guarantees territorial,
political and cultural rights to the Mapuche nation.

End the militarization of the Wallmapu!

Asamblea Chilena en Londres,
Chile Solidarity Network,
Mapuche International Link,
Bordando por la memoria.

London, 05 November 2021