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The Invisible Colours of Benetton
Document - 10TH June 2004

Mapuches excluded from the ‘United Colours’. Brief history of the Mapuche’s Territorial Conflict with the Benetton Group.

Benetton has failed to respect the legal requirements regarding the operation of European companies investing in developing countries which are contained in the Codes of Conduct of the European Union (Resolution 15/11/99).

Lawyers defending the Mapuche have found legal documents which corroborate the Mapuche’s persistent protests about the arbitary and illegal occupation of their territory by landowners, anonymous societies and the Argentinian state.

The Invisible Colours of Benetton
Press Release
- 10TH June 2004

Reynaldo Mariqueo, General Secretary of Mapuche Internacional Link says:

“ Benetton change their stance as a chameleon changes its colour. On the one hand they promote the notion of a world of multicultural and ethnic harmony as reflected in their ‘United Color’ slogan, presenting themselves as benefactors of the poor. In reality however, they let no obstacle stand in their way in order to get what they want. They are happy to take away the basic means of subsistence from members of indigenous communities – the most vulnerable and discriminated against people in the world”.

Campaign Information

The clothing giant Benetton is commiting a gross act of injustice against the Mapuche people. Mapuche International Link is calling upon the global community to act now! Click here for more

Argentinean minister to support the restoration of Mapuche land. 17th October 2006 - by Daniel Kelly

Mapuche Tribe Fights to Remove Benetton From Homeland. By Daniel Helft and Eliana Raszewski Nov. 21, 2005 (Bloomberg)

Neither to give nor receive what is not yours. Your colours carry on darkening… We will carry on shouting “ Bennetton out of Mapuche territory”. 7th November 2005

Donation by Benetton in favour of the native communities of Patagonia. 7,500 hectares of land in the Argentine province of Chubut - Ponzano, 3nd November 2005.

Protest against Benetton in Amsterdam. Mapuches and supporters with the indigenous cause protest in front of Benetton shop in Amsterdam.  Holland 12 October, 2005

Benetton agrees to hand land to Indians. John Hooper in Rome and Hannah Baldock in Buenos Aires The Guardian - Wednesday November 10, 2004

Surprise announcement of Benetton. Benetton has decided to "donate" 2,500 hectares of land in Patagonia to the Mapuches. by Kolectivo Lientur - Tuesday November 09, 2004
Benetton in trouble over evicted Patagonian couple By Hannah Baldock in Buenos Aires - The Observer. Sunday July 18, 2004
Storm of protest over evictions from Argentina farm. Benetton eviction sparks land row. By John Hooper in Rome - The Guardian. Wednesday July 14, 2004
A united world? Benetton and native Indians of Patagonia clash over land. By Peter Popham in Rome - Independent Digital (UK) Ltd - 06 July 2004
The Invisible Colours of Benetton - Press Release
Mapuche families evicted from ancestral lands by Benetton - 10TH June 2004
The Invisible Colours of Benetton - Document. Mapuches excluded from the ‘United Colours’ - 10th June 2004
Benetton vs. Mapuche. Chronicle of a Better Day - by Sebastian Hacher - June 06, 2004
Leleque museum: even Mapuche history appropriated by Benetton. by Leslie Ray - 4th June, 2004
Benetton wins, the Mapuche people lose. By Marcela Valente - IPS Buenos Aires 1st June 2004
Lies, contradictions and pressures: The united colours of Benetton. Organisation of Mapuche Tehuelche Communities “11 de octubre” - 19th March 2004
In Sheep’s Clothing. Benetton is color blind, except when it comes to its profits. By Pauline Bartolone | 4.19.04
Mapuche Lands in Patagonia Taken Over by Benetton Wool Farms. By Sebastian Hacher and Pauline Bartolone - November 25, 2003
Argentina's Forgotten People. by Ann Scholl and Facundo Arrizabalaga - January 22, 2004
Interview with Atilio Curinanco. By Pauline Bartolone - Esquel, Chubut, November, 2003.
United colours of land grab. Benetton in Patagonia - by Sebastian Hacher - 18 december, 2003

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