Press release from the Mapuche Political Prisoners from the Central Penitentiary in Concepción, Chile

Press Release no. 4, Concepción 14th August 2010

We the Mapuche Political Prisoners detained in the Central Penitentiary ‘El Manzano’ in Concepción report the following to our people the Mapuche Nation and to the national and international communities:

As of today (Saturday 15th August) we have been on Hunger Strike for 34 days. We plan to stay on Hunger Strike until our demands are met;

  1. No implementation of the Anti Terrorist Law

  2. End to the civil and military prosecution

  3. Demilitarisation of the communities

  4. Freedom to all the Mapuche Political Prisoners

We have suffered drastic weight losses of almost 15 kilos and are experiencing dizziness, cramps and general weakness.

In spite of our lack of physical strength our faith and hope are stronger than ever and we believe we will achieve our objectives. The sacrifice we are making is testament to our belief.

The need to see justice drives us forward and the support from various different sectors is a real boost.

However, it is clear that to go further with our struggle against an oligarchic state we need further support. We need social and political will from across the world to back us.

We have been silenced. We cannot use the press in Chile. We have been deeply insulted and vilified by the fascist right in this country but none of this can or will deter us. We will fight until the end.

We are doing this for our families, our communities, our people. We hope to inspire others who feel repressed to get up and make themselves heard in the name of justice.

Until now there hasn’t been any military revolt from the political authorities which reveals whose side they are on. It seems that their interests lie with their business commitments that are responsible for the conflict towards the Mapuche. It appears that there isn’t enough political will to take charge of this political problem and try to find some sort of solution.

The racist and discriminatory views of this right wing government are not shared by our people. The government is in an awkward, international situation because they are in breach of Human Rights. They must now recognise that the Mapuche are ready and willing to take actions into their own hands.

In addition to the aforementioned, we say that we will keep going, both giving and receiving strength along the way. With determination…


Signed by the Mapuche Political Prisoners, Central Penitentiary in Concepción, ‘El Manzano’ Chile.

Jose Huenuche
Ramon Llanquileo
Luis Menares
Hectos Llaitul
Jonathan Huillical


Translated by Mapuche International Link



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