After being brutally battered by the chilean police:

Diagnostic from the Machi Huentelao on the health of the Lonko Calfunao


Enmeregilda Huentelao Queupo
Rut: 8.366.262-k

Services of Mapuche Medicine
Com. La Unión Temulemu 2 Traiguen

Attention: 25th January 2006. For patient Juana  Rosa Calfunao Paillalef

Description of the severe state of health in which the patient finds herself after 30 days of being brutally beaten by 'carabineros' (Chilean police). After 17 days of being in a female jail in Temuco and maintaining a hunger strike for 13 days.

Beatings on most of the body, can still see scars and bruises.

Multiple beatings to the head, constant pain and scars.

  1. right cheek bone bruised, optic nerve compromised, blood shot, pain in the jaw and right molars. Product of pointed toe caps.

  2. Neck pain as a result of strangling and beatings.

  3. Shoulder cut on left side, left arm and right arm. Cut with a pen knife.

  4. Beatings on the chest and the thorax, bruising on left breast and the right breast.

  5. Strong beatings on kidney area, womb with internal bleeding as a result of beatings to the vagina.

  6. Scars and bruises on both legs provoked by beatings with a stick on both calves.


Enmeregilda Huentelao Queupo
Practising Machi

Machi - Mapuche doctor, expert in traditional medicine

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