The effort of 5 years bears fruit

5 thousand hectares handed over to the Huilliche communities in Chiloé

Castro, Chile, 7 November, 2005

The handing over of land titles of the indigenous communities of Romazal, Huillinco Alto and Coipo and the decrees and maps of the Quilque, Rahue and la Montaña communities, in total benefiting 120 families, was described as one of the "most awaited dreams of the communities".

The event, which took place on Saturday 5 th in the Quilque indigenous community's 'Fogón Huilliche', adjoining the Chiloé National Park, was attended by the undersecretary of Mideplan, Jaime Andrade Guenchucoy; the deputy manager of Conadi Nacional, Rubén Quilapi; the manager of Conadi Décima Región, Marianela Huenchor; the mayor of Chonchi, Pedro Andrade; the Governor of Chiloé, Juan Galleguillos; the senator Sergio Paez, the representative Camilo Escalona; the president of the Federation, Carlos Cayún; and presidents of indigenous communities and other authorities.

For the co-ordinator of the Huilliche Federation of Chiloé, Sergio Cuyul, the handing over of nearly five thousand hectares of land represents a true recovery of identity for the communities benefiting and he emphasized that it rounds off the effort of five years' work and support of the Federation and of the indigenous communities themselves.

"This event fills us with satisfaction and shows social responsibility, environmental responsibility and all which is of benefit to the communities. I think it is a momentous step for the families, the communities and future generations. The families have improved their homes, their education and all aspects of the Huilliche people's quality of life", remarked the social worker.

The professional added that now is the time to begin the second stage of developing identity with a higher level of participation. "What we have achieved is very important because it means, in fact, that there will be interest from national and international organisations to become involved there and it's a good opportunity for everyone", he said.

More Information:
Sergio R. Cuyul C.
Social Worker
Co-ordinator, Huilliche Federation of Chiloé
Telephone: 56 - 65 - 530454
Mobile: 56 - 08 - 4099253

Translated by Vicky Lambert
Mapuche International Link

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