Chile: Indigenous Mapuche leader Carbone violently arrested

Publicado: 6 febrero 2016 en Chile, English

Mijael Carbone, beaten by Carabineros in Chile
Mijael Carbone, beaten by Carabineros in Chile

A group of 15 police special forces (GOPE) in three different vehicles command him to leave his car and soon start to beaten Mijael Carbone Queipul according to eyewitnesses. The procedure was led by Lieutenant Riquelme.

On the night of February 5th (22:00) the Indigenous Mapuche leader Mijael Carbone Queipul and his cousin Juan Alberto Queipul, went to look for his wife and daughter participating on an event at Ercilla City.

Witnesses who tried to help the detainees who were beaten, were intimidated by the Chilean police using its shotguns.

Family members (mostly women) who demand an explanation for the illegal detention were insulted and intimidate with pistols against their head.

Yet it is not allowed to visit him in prison, important to know is that he is recovering from an accident and the violent treatment could be intentionally seeking to create more damage to his health. The family are calling for Human Rights Observers.

Source: El Pueblo Mapuche en Chile


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