Press Release of Chevalier Gaston Lion, member of the King’s Council of the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia

June 25, 2014

Mari mari kompuche,

Hello everyone,

This weekend I had been invited by Frantz Quatrebœufs to La Chèze, Chourgnac d’Ans, in order to pay tribute to the late Prince Prince Philippe I. Because I have witnessed these events at first hand, I wish to share my thoughts and considerations on these matters.

The tribute has been used as an attempt to organise a "coup d'etat" against the legitimate Sovereign Prince Antoine IV.

"Vox populi" (Voice of the People) they claim? Though not a single person of those present was Mapuche!

Furthermore, of the approximately twenty participants present, three-quarters I had never seen before. None of them had ever assumed any function or official position in any of the governmental institutions of the Kingdom of Araucania of Patagonia.

I clearly informed them that I did not endorse their actions and wished at all costs to avoid a "war of succession" which would be detrimental to the Mapuche people. I proposed a mediation with Antoine IV and offered to help the young Stanislas Parvulesco to gain a better understanding of Mapuche society. Regardless of this offer, they opted to do nothing better than disseminate defamatory information across the Internet, at sites such as Wikipedia, against the Royal House.

This is a total sham and I will not allow them deceive me any longer. They do not care about the Mapuche. They simply want the title of Prince for purposes less noble than those they claim (to trade medals and titles, etc.). Furthermore, they aim to promote their interests in extremist ideology, which I was recently made aware of in relation to the Parvulesco’s.

I now more than ever have strong doubts about the legality of the document produced by Franz Quatrebœufs to the Regency Council last January. It goes completely against the political testament of Prince Philippe provided in three sealed copies. Prince Philippe never mentioned anything about this document to me, and God knows how often we have talked about the succession issue.

“And the cherry on the cake”, the manner in which the masses and medieval ceremonies were held have nothing to do with the Mapuche culture and serve only to remind them of dark memories.

Clearly, the only legitimate Prince of Araucania today is Antoine IV and although his age may be an issue for some, it bears no influence upon my decision to support him. I served Prince Philippe faithfully for 28 years and I will continue to do the same for Antoine IV.

I have fought for the cause of the Mapuche Nation for over 35 years; I have been given the honour of gaining the trust and the friendship of many of them and I am the accredited spokesman for five Mapuche organizations to the European Parliament and UN organizations. This is the ideal of my life and it is a cause that deserves much better than the pitiful antics which I attended!

Antoine IV has been in the active service of Prince Philippe I, for over 40 years, his father was in service under Queen Laure-Thérèse and his grandfather was related to King Orélie Antoine I. He maintains a secular loyalty to the cause of the people of Araucania-Patagonia, and it is for this reason that the Regency Council, among them four Mapuche Council members, elected him in January of this year. It is as a result of this same confidence in his family history that all Mapuche leaders, which I am in relation, ratified this choice.

Weuwain, Marichiweu. 

Gaston Lion 
Werken of the Mapuche Nation
Chevalier and Councilor of the Kingdom in charge of relations with the Mapuche communities and organizations (Appointed by the Prince Philippe I, October 12, 1992)


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