Communication of the press service of the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia


It is brought to our attention a statement for the press, dated June 22, 2014 headed the Kingdom of ARAUCANIA.

The author courageously avoided to assume the paternity by refraining from signing.

Anonymous document stripped of all authority and legitimacy it deserves only contempt.

It is in vain when he refers to the traditional form of designation by acclamation and especially as all persons holding an official position in the Kingdom, Chancellor, President and Member of the Council of the Kingdom, Vice-President and Member of the State Council and obviously the Prince Antoine IV, were carefully kept out of the confidential meeting, held under the guise of false marking AUSPICE STELLA supposedly for the purpose of honoring the memory of the late Prince PHILIPPE.

Only Gaston Lion, whose good faith was abused, was present. He has made a particularly explicit statement about this meeting and leaves no doubt as to his support of Prince Antoine IV.

In truth it is a pitiful comedy, where the grotesque meets the ridiculous, to which laborious conspirators brought their interested support.

This laughable masquerade likely organized by a disappointed pretender calls only disdain.

Duly appointed unanimously by the Council of Regency composed by the oldest and most devoted servants of the Kingdom, the appointment of Antoine IV suffers no objection whatever the intriguing and adventurers of all kinds will say.

Accordingly we invite Mr. Louis Stanislas Parvulesco alias Prince Louis Stanislas Craioveşti, Pasha, Blood Prince of the Holy Roman Empire of the East, Duke of Oltenia, Marquis  of Craiova, Count of Quidico who is not member of either the Kingdom or of Auspice Stella to continue his rocabolesque quest out of Araucania and incidentally to join its sulfurous relationships that he cared, but too late, to erase even out the memory.

This sad felony would be anecdotal if it was not a serious damage to the sacred cause of the Mapuche people and the credibility of our Kingdom, represented by our Association AUSPICE STELLA at the highest international bodies as an NGO with special consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations where we where still acting in Geneva last week, action unfolds in the Chilean media.

Given the foregoing, it was decided to withdraw all titles and distinctions to Messrs. Claude Labalue Frantz Quatreboeufs and Constantine Parvulesco who deceived the trust of Prince Antoine IV.

The megalomaniacal delusion, the perfidy and to be direct the delusional ambition of a few, which have hitherto been held for loyal companions, can not distract us no longer from our mission, drawn by King ORELIE ANTOINE and his successors that is to say, the defense of the rights of the Mapuche people.

La Chèze, June 26, 2014


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