Decree of the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia

Established commemorative days and national holidays

We, Felipe, Prince of Araucania and Patagonia, Buta Apo Toki and Head of the Royal House, address all present and future generations.

Marri marri pu peñi ka pu lamngen.

By virtue of the sovereign powers established in the National Constitution of November 17, 1860 and the stipulations of the Ad-mapu – the Mapuche nation’s code of ancestral practice.

Remembering the heroic struggle of the Mapuche people in defence of their independence, against the aggression of the Inca and Spanish Empire and the Chilean and Argentinean Republics; epic conflicts which, over the centuries, brought to the fore numerous men and women who - through their heroism, courage and bravery - won the respect, affection and admiration of our people;

Considering a historical and legal legacy of, at least, 70 international treaties. This legal inheritance irrefutably proves the Mapuche nation’s sovereignty.

Affirming our right to declare, before the international community, the profound and permanent aspirations of our people, which are today expressed in a daily struggle for the recognition of their innate rights.

Reaffirming the right to commemorate the fathers and birth of our nation, specifically in relation to the 360th anniversary of the Quillin Treaty (signed by Mapuche representatives and the Spanish Crown on January 6 1641).

Resolve to institute the following dates of each year as national holidays and days of Wallmapu commemoration;

January 6, April 29, June 24, November 17.

We consequently decree the following:

Article One

Article Two

Article Three

Article Four

The members of the Royal House and the Kingdom’s constituted bodies should – in an atmosphere of respect and dignity - commemorate and celebrate these national holidays.

We invite our compatriots to gather in large numbers to: commemorate these dates; solemnly reaffirm the importance of our culture; pay sincere homage to our heroes and heroines; and renew our vow to reaffirm, and fight for, our historic and inalienable sovereign rights.

Marri chi weu !!

Prince of Araucania and Patagonia

Gaston Lion
Councillor of the Realm

London, 6 January 2001



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